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Power Chart

Animated Cogs

This chart a good example of an idea taken beyond the standard flow format. The labels for each of the cogs are typical of what you might see in a horizontal flow. But using the cogs provides a slightly different message. The first cog drives the second, which drives the third, etc., so a force is conveyed along with a flow.

The example shown if the flash has a picture of a rim that was trimmed in Photoshop, but you can use any color or photograph you want.

Animation works great with the cogs. The cog on the far left spins clockwise, the next cog to the right spins counterclockwise, the next cog to the right spins clockwise, etc. Set the spin speeds the same so they cogs match up correctly. Also, don't spin too fast or the audience will not see that they are synchronized, it will just be a blur. Subscribers can download this animation by clicking the link at the top of this article.