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Power Chart

Pictoral Summary of End-of-Year Accomplishments

At the end of the year, it's appropriate to take stock of what you/your company has accomplished. The Power Chart for January 2007 can help you do so in a very visual way. Rather than a laundry list of items on screen, try using a collage of milestone icons to tell the story. Your narrative will hit on all of them and your audience will engage by looking at/identifying each one as you speak. This is not necessarily something that can be handled in pre-PowerPoint 2007, but it can be developed in PowerPoint 2007.

This type of chart can be used as an internal congratulatory slide or it can be in a presentation that introduces your company to prospective customers/clients. You can update it quarterly or yearly, depending on your needs; or you can create new slides each year as an historical record for your company.