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Power Chart

Qualitative Ranking in Text Table Format

This text table is a great way to display non-data-driven, qualitative information. This layout is very visual, and audiences can extract the information quickly. You don't have to go to the trouble of inserting data-driven bar charts, and the audience does not have to look at each number and make mental comparisons - everybody wins.

There are design elements present in this chart as well. The chevron that backs the bulleted text on the left-hand side of the table is a separate field. Once the chart content is added and the table balanced, the chevron can be adjusted so that it aligns correctly with the fields in the table. The table design is stylish, and the information contained in the table is cleanly presented and clearly understood.

This Power Chart is also a series (TT001) in the new text table category. You can put these tables to work immediately!

You should be aware that working with preformatted tables can be a little tricky, however. Whenever content that includes text (preformatted tables, for example) is brought into your template from another source/template (the PowerFrameworks download), skewing is likely to occur. You've probably already experienced this, as it is a frequent occurrence when bringing information into your presentations from other sources. This happens because the two templates have different default text attributes. Please read the tutorial for this series before you begin working with the text tables so you can react in the best and fastest manner if the skewing occurs. We want you to be able to work well with the PowerFrameworks text tables as well as help you deal effectively with other imported non-PowerFrameworks information/material.

Click here to go to the tutorial for TT001. From there you can access the series by clicking on the series thumbnail at the bottom of the tutorial.