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Power Chart

Animated Components of Functionality

The wheel concept suggests a group of equally important components (spokes) that make the whole (the wheel) functional. This is not really a parts-of-a-whole concept, but more of a components-of-functionality framework. This is a very unique framework to deliver this concept.

This slide is all about the animation. Without animation, it is just a concept that is badly displayed, where the spokes are difficult to label so that the text is readable and associated text is awkwardly aligned on each spoke. This is the primary reason that this concept is rarely used.

But with animation? That's a completely different story. Animation transforms this chart into an innovative and eye-catching message-delivery vehicle. The animated gif that we are using to show the wheel in action does not really do it justice. Subscribers can click here to download the animated example for series re013. Notice that the wheel doesn't just change positions, it actually spins and aligns each spoke next to its associated text - very elegant.

Use and enjoy!