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Power Chart

Morphing to Show Change

Click the above PPT link to download an animated example of this chart

This chart concept shows a usage trend, shifting appearance, changing needs, transferring focuses, etc. The concept is illustrated by morphing one shape to another.

The series cn009, which is available for your use, offers some generic transformations (square to circle, circle to star, etc.); but specific transformations can be used as well. In this chart, people on the go are relying much more on handheld devices than laptop computers to stay in touch. The usage trend has shifted . The gray incremental morphs change shape from the computer to the handheld device.

This capability is not available within PowerPoint (regardless of version), but PowerFrameworks would be happy to help you develop your concept. All you would need to provide are either the two photographs/graphics for the morph start and finish or a clear description of the morph start and finish photographs/graphics if you want PowerFrameworks to find them for you. Click here to find out more.