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Power Chart

Dressed-Up Data-Driven Charts

This is such nice formatting for data-driven charts. This data-driven chart can be used a an anchor graphic for a presentation: instead of listing the topics for the day, this chart displays the discussion topic visually and interestingly: a data-driven chart instead of bullets!

The segments of the area chart have tinted sections of a single photograph that make up the whole area. This chart was done in PowerPoint 2007, but it can also be done in PowerPoint 2003 without the bevel (just use the tinting and a line to create differentiation between the segments. You'll want to choose data-driven charts that are conducive to this type of formatting: area charts (as show here), bar/column charts that have no gaps between bars/columns will work, and pie charts are all good options.

The same procedure for importing cropped sections photographs into a data-driven chart is used for creating puzzle pieces with a few minor additions:

  1. Tint the photographs first before you begin importing them into the PowerPoint 2007 data-driven chart segments.
  2. Make the photographs grayscale before you begin importing them into PowerPoint 2003.
  3. Duplicate the PowerPoint 2003 data-driven chart and ungroup it. Use the ungrouped segments to "tint" the segments with imported grayscale photographs. Simply apply a color to each of the segments, make semitransparent, and place over the data-driven chart segments.

Here are links to the basic instructions for cutting photographs into pieces and importing them into shapes (including data-driven chart segments).