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Forces 036


Using Shrink/Expand Cylinders

This series is primarily used with animation to illustrate the concepts of shrinking and expanding – and the animation has already been set in the downloads. Two of the versions – cylinders v1 and v2 – can be used as simple graphics without animation.

There are two shrink versions and two expand versions. They should be used as follows:

  • Shrink v1 – cylinder shrinks from an expanded state to a regular state
  • Shrink v2 – cylinder shrinks from a regular state to a reduced state
  • Expand v1 – cylinder expands from an regular state to an expanded state
  • Expand v2 – cylinder expands from a reduced state to a regular state

The cylinder can also be use instead of a pipeline or a funnel to show how something flows instead of just a direction.

Customizing Shrinking/Expanding Cylinders

Adjust size

If you want to change the size/shape of the conveyors, select all and scale all of the individual fields at once (hold shift key down as you resize). You will need to reposition the oval at the top of the cylinder, but the animation will still be there. If you group before you resize/scale, you will lose the animation. This is important.

Color variations

Recolor all at once except for the oval on top – make that darker. Use the gradient tool to make the sides darker than the center. This will give the impression of a rounded cylinder surface. Choose a color from your template's palette and apply a gradient based on one of those colors.

PowerPoint 2007 options

There are no formatting advantages for this framework in PowerPoint 2007. Even the shadow effects, which usually are okay to apply to most graphics will detract from the visual effects as the graphic cycles through the animation.

3D variations

Don't apply 3D. Use the gradient to give the appearance of depth.


Don't use shadows. As mentioned above, the shadows in both pre-PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2007 will detract from the overall effect as the graphic runs through animation cycle.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

The gradients that area applied to the cylinder make them look realistic and 3D. The 3D does not create a problem for animation, so use it.


The animations are set for each download. If you want to speed them up or slow them down, it is easy to do; but it will take a few minutes.

The animated example download is animated at 0.1 second to go very, very fast. The downloads, however, are set at 0.5 seconds for a more gradual shrinking and expansion. If you want to reset the animation timing, go into each of the objects in the animation scheme that are formatted with exit animation. This is where you can set the speed in the "Timing" menu.

Make sure you set them all the same speed, or the shrinking/expanding will not be a fluid motion. Although, this might be your message: a fast shrinkage the slows down. Control all of this with animation for the exiting objects.

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