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Power Chart

Cropped Photo Collage Technique

Collages are nice and add interest, but sometimes the edges need to be squared, as in the example to the right. The technique for accomplishing this will serve you well and add variety to your slides.

The "ticket" on the slide has a collage of horse-related pictures on top to dress it up. Let's take a look at how you might accomplish this.

For this graphic, we're using a simple rectangle. We'll discuss other options later.

The edges of the photographs will hang over the rectangle. This is okay. Just be sure that there are no gaps between the photographs as you lay them out.

Save the picture to your desktop or some other place where you can easily find it.

Notice that the top and the right edges have been cropped off? The cropping tool is easy to use: just slide the handles in the middle (not the corners) to the place you wish to be the new edges of the picture.

In this case we have created a "ticket" or an invitation. The graphic can be used as a flier, part of a poster, or in a slide (which is shown above in the example for this Power Chart).

If you want to import the collage into a shape other than a square or rectangle, use the steps above to create the the collage/picture. Create the shape. Lay the photos out in a pleasing manner. Select all of the photographs, but not the shape, and save as picture. Drag picture of the collage into your presentation. Crop the photograph so that it is the same height and width as the shape into which you wish to import the picture (just like above). Click here for the remaining instructions.