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Power Chart

Animated Revisions

An animated eraser is a nice little device to drive home the concept of change or revision. It is much more dramatic than simply switching out an object to illustrate change.

Play the flash and see how an animated eraser can quickly create interest. Download the animated example to see how the animation was created and get the eraser graphic.

The eraser has been labeled so that the eraser "becomes" the price revision team. The label was formatted in PowerPoint 2007 using WordArt and the 3D rotation tool. Click on the text that you wish to rotate and select Shape Effects on the Drawing Tools ribbon. Select 3D Rotation and then select 3D Rotation Options at the bottom of the menu. The screen below will pop up. The graphic below shows the degrees for the correct text rotation.

In case you're having difficulty reading the degrees, they are

  • X: 13.1º
  • Y: 342.7º
  • Z: 324.7º
  • Perspective: 50º.

Try this concept the next time you have to illustrate change. It won't take long to format and animate the slide, and the result will engage your audience.

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