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Power Chart

Display Panels

Instead of just loading your slide up with pictures, why don't you consider "hanging" your pictures on a set of panels? These panels can be used as an onscreen display for photographs, logos, conceptual graphics, or data-driven charts that have been saved as pictures. They can also be used as a dashboard to display a snapshot of a companies performance indicators, etc.

This Power Chart has been created in PowerPoint 2007 – sorry, no 3D rotation available in PowerPoint 2003. We've provided a download that contains six variations on this theme. The rotation degrees are on each page so that you can switch out the photographs with your own and reapply the correct rotation formula. Just delete the screenshots with the formulas after you've adjusted the rotation. If you want to add formatting styles to the photographs, as we have done in several of the variations, be sure to do it before you add the 3D rotation. The rotation percentages will be lost if you rotate the picture before adding the formatting styles.

After you've brought in and formatted/rotated your own photographs or pictures of data-driven charts, size them and align them on the panels. You're done!

Notice that the rotation is not so pronounced that the pictures are distorted – this is important. Whenever you use the 3D rotation tool, be sure that the object being rotated is still clear and/or readable. Never sacrifice clarity for the sake of design.

The download is available to subscribers only.