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Power Chart


This is a very dramatic slide when photographs are formatted to occupy the pieces of the shatter framework and then animated to disassemble and fall. The photograph in this slide is animated to shatter, fall, and be replaced by another object (the reason for the shattering) – click on the flash to see it in action. But there are other possible conceptual and animated variations: one object collides with another, shattering one or both; fractures or cracks occur in an object or a part of an object, but it doesn't fall, etc.

CN119 was developed as a bonus series to accompany this Power Chart so the frameworks would be easier for you to develop. Formatting these frameworks takes a little bit of time if you're importing photographs, but the impact it gives your message is worth the effort. It would be a nice addition to your cupboard of slides – developed and then used and reused.

Photographs may be sectioned just like with puzzles (please see FAQ entitled, "How do I cut a photograph into puzzle pieces?"). Be sure to review the CN119 tutorial so that you understand the formatting, animation, and layering schemes. We know you'll enjoy the results of putting this concept and its accompanying frameworks to work for you.

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