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Power Chart


This Power Chart uses a concept similar to the child's game of marbles: where "marbles" are tossed into view and either bump an existing "marble" out of view or land next to another "marble." The slide concept shows how preliminary ideas are replaced by better, more refined ideas and then expanded upon by adding other ideas.

Be sure the download the animated example for this Power Chart to see how the different animation effects are employed. There are combinations of motion paths and spins used to introduce the "marbles." Unfortunately there is no formula for creating these animations. Simply apply the motion path and spin and then fine tune the start/stop points, speeds, and delays. Be sure to remove the smooth starts and smooth stops for each object in the Effects Options menu. Smooth stops might be okay to use, but it's difficult to synchronize the spin and motion path timing. It's a trial-and-error process of getting the right speeds and/or delays set for each rolling object. Don't get discouraged because you are spending a few minutes on each.