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Statement Slides

A statement slide is good to have in your cupboard of slides: its message is to the point and the attending graphics should be visually descriptive and set the correct tone. Statement slides can be placed at the beginning or at the end of a presentation, used at an event with other companies' slides in a continuously running loop, placed in presentations as section breaks, or used in presentations to punctuate an important brief message. The slide below is an example of a nicely developed statement slide.

There are two ways to create this type of photo layout. The layout on the left uses technique no. 1 (described below) and the layout on the right uses technique no. 2 (also described below. Both techniques are very simple and can be used with either PowerPoint 2003 or 2007.

The two examples of this photo layout

Technique 1: This technique can be used when you have a template with a white or solid color as a background. It's a three-step process.

If you are using a solid color as a template background, fill the "blank" squares with the color of the background to blank them out.

Technique no. 2: this technique can be used with white or solid-color backgrounds too, but it is the technique that must be used if your template has a background with a gradient, photograph, or other graphics. It takes a little more time and increases the size of your document slightly since it needs to use multiples of the photographs.

When the techniques are broken down like this, it's easy to see how doable this type of layout really is. Enjoy experimenting and creating statement slides for your presentations.