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Power Chart

Shell Game

The shell game can be used to show both objects that really easy to track or very difficult to track. The Power Chart illustrates a fast-moving difficult-to-track game. The concepts that this type of chart can help convey are confusion, loss of control, hidden objects, swindles, etc. A slow-moving, easy-to-follow version can convey just the opposite: in control, easy to track, clarity, secure objects, outsmart, etc.

This chart is a unique approach to what is usually a text slide, possibly with a photo of a confused or competent person, depending on the circumstances. The shell game is widely recognized and can make a very clear point.

The series RE042 contains the shell, which is the top half of the spheres in the series. The tutorial for RE042 has all the information you'll need to format and animate your own shell game. It will help if you are somewhat familiar with motion-path animation, but if you take your time and go through the steps, you should be able produce your own message slide.

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