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June 2011 Power Chart

Don't miss an opportunity to make a statement on your contact slides. A few things to keep in mind:

  1. If you are presenting on behalf of your company, i.e., the company is making the presentation. Don't forget that you are promoting the company and not yourself. The company name should be prominently placed on the contact page and your name should appear subordinate to the company name, slogan, etc.
  2. If you are promoting yourself, then make sure you add a line like, "for more information about [consumer satisfaction], please contact me at …". Add your name above the contact information.
  3. Design the contact slide so that it creates a positive tone. Use photographs or other marketing collateral on the slide. This is another opportunity to create a positive reaction to the company, you, your product, etc.

The design used in this example is very simple to create. Use it or create your own stylish, suggestive designs to your contact slides.