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Forces 056, 061


This series is able to show combinations of concepts at the same time: segmentation, core, penetration, pass-through, influences, etc. A simple, but hard-working graphic: use it with text only or import pictures into the segments, as shown in the series example. They are easy to use and format.

There are two variations for the two-segment framework, and there are one each of frameworks with up to 6 segments. All the fields in these frameworks are editable.

Customizing the Pass-Through/Penetration Frameworks

Adjust size

Group the fields of the graphic and resize/rescale together. To rescale, hold the shift key down as you resize.

Color variations

You can color the field that has the cut-out arrows, which surrounds the sections.

The arrows are actually cutouts and cannot be colored. When choosing a color for this field of the graphic, be sure to it contrasts well with the slide background. Otherwise, your arrows will be indistinct. This is important.

PowerPoint 2007 options

Not necessary to embellish this graphic with lots of formatting.

3D variations

Not necessary to use 3D with this graphic; in fact, it will make it more difficult to manage


Shadows are a really nice touch, but only if you group the entire graphic before you add the shadow. Otherwise, you'll have to check layering issues. Make sure the segments are layered on top of the "container" graphic with the arrow cutouts.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

A gradient is nice with the "container" element of the framework. Pictures, as in the series example, look really nice imported into the segments.


Since the container graphic is one field, it won't be possible to introduce the arrows one by one. Therefore, simple reveals for the segments might be okay. We really recommend letting the graphic stand on it's own without animation. It is conveying many concepts but is simple in design. It's important to see all of the elements to realize the depth of the messages.

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