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Circular Flows 057

Flow Design

This is a refreshing option for circular flows that do not have a formal start or and point. Any one of the 10 variations can be used and animated to slowly spin behind icons, logos, photos, etc. that are arranged around and on top of the circular flow.

Customizing the flow designs

Adjust size

Group the flow designs and then rescale (hold the shift key down as you resize). This will keep the design a perfect circle. Ungroup and make other formatting changes as desired.

Color variations

Play around with the colors. Some of the arrows are made of several fields. Each field can receive a different hue of the same color, for example, which suggests motion. some of the downloads have already been colored in this manner. Pull colors from your templates color palette.

PowerPoint 2007 options

Some of the effects might add visual value, but don't get too carried away. A glow, for example, might be nice if you choose a complementary flow color (not one of the defaults) and choose a glow that does not extend too far from the arrows, etc. The drop shadows might be nice. If you group the design flow, then a reflection might work nicely. Don't apply these if you are going to animate the flow design to spin, however.

3D variations

3D won't add much value to these flows. Also, they will not work well if you apply spin animation.


Only use shadows from PowerPoint 2007 or 2010. Avoid the shadows in PowerPoint2003. They make the graphic look dated. Also, do not apply shadows if you apply spin animation.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

The elements of the flow designs are really too small to apply too much formatting. For example, no imported photos or patterns. Gradients may be nice if you apply the gradient to the grouped design flow, as in the series example.


Be sure to download the animated example to see a possible animation scheme. The flow design is grouped and verrrry slow spin animation has been applied. It spins until a click moves to the next slide. This is a nice effect.

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