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Power Chart

Signature Page

Power Chart – Signature Page

Sometimes there are opportunities to add a slide about your company to a group of rotating slides at a conference, seminar, or event. It's a good idea to develop a slide for this purpose and keep it ready for these occasions.

This Power Chart is a good example of a simple and elegant slide introducing a company. There's no time for people to read a bunch of text, so text needs to be kept to a minimum. You may want to add a brief blurb, however – something that will help the viewer identify what your company provides or your motto. In this case, we may have wanted to place "Your presentation-development partner" or something long those lines in the upper region of the slide.

Choose photographs and images that provide insights into your company's product/service offering. Be very selective and try to maintain a color scheme. If an image you want to use has disruptive colors, recolor it using the PowerPoint Picture Tools/Format/Recolor tool. The three arrows in the collage were very bright colors of red and green and didn't blend, so we recolored it to the blue in the template palette. Then it worked fine with the other photographs.

This is a great addition to your slide cupboard. Enjoy.