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Power Chart

Add Design Pattern

Power Chart - July 2012 - Add Design Pattern

You can create simple patterns to match your design template, and it is a very simple process. As you can see by the example, the right-hand side of the template has a design: a background color of magenta with a gradient and a diamond pattern over the background color. Incidentally, this is a standard template that you can access through the Design tab in PowerPoint 2007.

Matching colors is easy if you have pptXtreme ColorPicker (http://www.pptxtreme.com/). It is a utility that you can add to your PowerPoint application that makes it super easy to match colors perfectly. It isn't very expensive, only $19.95 and it works with all versions of PowerPoint (we've promoted this product before). You need this utility or one like it to match the colors in your template and create your design pattern.

The steps for creating the Design pattern (as shown under the OurCo Mission on the Power Chart) are below:

  1. Draw a rectangle and match the background color of the design element on the right side of the template. Use ColorPicker to match the lighter shade of magenta at the bottom of the design element.
  2. Create rows of diamonds for the design overlay (the darker diamond color on the right side of the template. First draw one diamond that is the same size as the diamonds in the design element. Then duplicate the diamond (select the first diamond and key in Ctrl-d to duplicate) many times so that they make a row that is slightly larger than the rectangle you drew in Step 1. Then align and distribute the diamonds horizontally. Then select the row of diamonds and duplicate once. Place this second row of diamonds under the first row but offset it so that the diamonds in the second row are in between the diamonds in the first row. Select both rows of diamonds and distribute horizontally. Group these two rows of diamonds and duplicate a few times. Then simply align all of them to the left or right and distribute vertically. You'll probably need to adjust the spacing between the grouped rows so that the design appears uniform. You'll need enough rows of diamonds so that the height of the diamonds is slightly larger than the rectangle you drew in Step 1.
  3. Once you have your diamonds looking right, select them all and save as picture. If you save it to your desktop, it will be easy for you to find. Then just drag it onto your slide and place it over the rectangle you drew in Step 1. Then crop the edges of the diamond picture so that it is the same size as the rectangle. Align them vertically and horizontally and group them. Then you can add a drop shadow if you want and place your text over the design pattern.

Using patterns

This is a particularly good technique to employ when you want to make a strong statement or if there is very little on the slide. It's stylish, interesting, and unique.