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Power Chart

Creating Perspective with Imported Photos

This Power Chart is interesting visually, but it's main purpose is to provide a technique for importing photographs into graphic shapes so that the photographs have perspective. We've provided the graphic for your use. Simply download it and apply your formatting choices. Now, let's look at how the photograph was imported into the open doors of the cupboard so that they give the appearance of perspective.

We used the photograph below (no. 44291147 that we purchased from Fotolia) as the wood grain for the open cupboard doors.


Notice that the photograph is a head-on view of the wood (no perspective). But notice that the open cupboard doors in the Power Chart has the appearance of perspective? This is so very easy to do. Usually when we import photographs into graphics, we need to make sure that the photograph and the graphic are the same size. But if we do that with these doors, then the imported photograph would look just like the photograph above (no perspective). But if you make sure that the photograph is quite a bit larger than the open cupboard door graphic, then the photograph will come in looking like it has perspective. in this case, you want the photograph to be much wider than it is high to get the proper effect. So we enlarged the photograph and then cropped the top and bottom slightly. We didn't have to use any formula to get the proper effect.

Enjoy using this new technique for imported photographs.