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Vertical Flows 010

Perspective Arrows Up

These arrow frameworks can be used to illustrate several concepts: a launch resulting from an event, planning and preparation and then implementation, working toward a deadline, an event that allows for growth, etc.

The arrow frameworks have been developed in two versions: v1 that focuses on the arrows and v2 that illustrates the pathway and the arrows equally. The arrowheads are not connected to the arrow shaft, which allows you to adjust the individual arrow heights to whatever is needed.

Customizing the Perspective Arrows

Adjust size

You can size these in two ways:

  1. Group the framework and resize/rescale all at the same time.
  2. Change the height of the arrow shafts by simply dragging the top handle of the shaft up or down. Then reposition the arrowhead.

Color variations

Choose colors from your template's color palette. You can apply both fill and line colors to the arrows, arrowheads, and the perspective portion of the framework that ends at the horizon.

PowerPoint 2007 options

Don't overformat these arrows. Simple is best or the intent of the graphic will be indistinct.

3D variations

Don't use 3D, especially with the arrow shaft and arrow head. They will not appear to be a single arrow if you add 3D.


Don't use shadows. Shadows will diminish the effect of the framework.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

You might be able to import pictures into the arrow shaft and arrowhead if you group them first and you select a suitable, vertically oriented picture. The arrows are slender, so the subject of the picture would need to be discernible in a slender format.


These arrows can be animated as wipes: start with the flat, perspective part of the arrow shaft and format it with a wipe from bottom animation. Then format the upward pointing arrow to wipe from bottom right after the perspective portion. This type of animation supports the flow of the framework. Any other type of animation will make the framework appear less realistic.

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