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Power Chart

Turn a Content Slide into a Section Break Slide

It's always a good idea to develop a full-service template: one that contains a full array of slide layouts that represent different parts of a presentation. But sometimes a simple content slide can be formatted to perform as a section/subsection break just as well. This Power Chart uses a layout of circles that contain pictures that relate to the section topic. The same layout can be used for each section topic, but different pictures should be used that relate to and support each section.

You can use the circle layout in the Power Chart or create a similar layout (squares, octagons, etc.) – just be sure to use the same layout for every section. Then, once you have selected, cropped to the same size as the circle, and imported the images into the circles, you can decide if you want to use the full-color images or recolor them, as we did in the Power Chart. Recoloring them is very easy: you simply:

  • Click on the circle with the imported image
  • Click on the format tab on the ribbon
  • Click on Color in the Adjust section
  • Select a color from the bottom row of colors.

This bottom row of colors contains light versions of the colors in the PowerPoint template's color palette. We find that the colors in rows above tend to be a little dark; but you might want to experiment with them anyway to see how the different lines of colors translate to your image. That way you can decide for yourself which line of colors you like best.

Enjoy this layout and formatting idea.