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Circular Flows 025

Inflow/Outflow Kit

These are a very useful set of circular flow components. Consider using them as individual vicious/virtuous cycles or combining them (as in the series detail) to tell a very specific story. Inflows and outflows can be used together in one circular flow framework by mixing and matching the components in the download.

Customizing the Inflow/Outflow Circular Flow Kit

Adjust size

Be sure to group the whole framework(s) or customized frameworks and then rescale the group. Hold the shift key down as you resize to rescale.

Color variations

Choose colors from your template's color palette so the frameworks blend in with your other charts and color scheme. The elements of these frameworks have a white border color so that overlaid arrows are distinct from each other when the same color is used. If you use different colors, you can eliminate the border colors.

Mixing and matching elements in the frameworks

To create a specific custom flow design, you'll probably need to eliminate/add inflows and outflows to a series of circular flows placed horizontally across the slide (like the series example). Each download has a plain circular flow, inflows, and outflows, making it easy to choose the flow pieces you wish to use. One thing understand before creating your custom flow …

Therefore, the inflow arrows need to be used with plain circular flow elements without arrows, which is how they are developed in the download. The reason they are developed this way is because the circular flow arrowhead and the inflow arrowhead are slightly different. Whenever you are creating an inflow, you will want to use the circular flow segment without an arrowhead to place underneath the inflow arrow.

3D variations

Don't use 3D on these frameworks


Shadows can be effective if used consistently

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Don't use imported pictures in these frameworks. Gradients might be useful, especially with inflows and outflows that overlay the circular flow


Simple reveals work on the circular flow. Inflows and outflows can be animated with wipes in the direction that the arrow is pointing.

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