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Forces 004

Inward Flow

Using Forces 004

The frameworks in this series may look very basic, and you may be wondering why they are included. But if you have ever tried to lay arrows out around an object, you know that it is difficult to get them exactly equidistant. So, here is the series that will save you the trouble.

Customizing the Inward Flows

Adjust size

If you want to change the size/shape of the PowerFramework, be sure to group it and resize the entire group. Once resized, ungroup to proceed with other customizations.

Color variations

Select color from your document's color palette or a complimentary color so that the PowerFramework will reflect the color scheme of the rest of your document. Select "No line" if you want to eliminate the outline of the object, or change the line point size if you want thinner or heaver lines.

3D variations

These frameworks look good with 3D applied. You should use a short depth, however, or the circle in the center will turn into a cylinder. Be sure to check the layering/ordering of the pieces to be sure they are good and work with the direction of the 3D effect you chose.


Shadows look good with this framework. Be sure the layering/ordering of the pieces of the frameworks are correct according to the direction of the shadow.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

This effect of importing a picture for the center and fading the arrows in make it easy to attach text to the outside of the arrows (not a lot of competition between text and graphic).


Animate these clockwise, for example, as a reveal to present the inputs/contributors to the center object.

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