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Circular Flows 045

Circles with Curved Arrows

This is a small series but the layouts are very pretty. Curved arrows comes off each circle and point to the next circle, which creates the circular flow. They are unique and have a different feel than most other circular flows. See the tutorial for ideas about how to format them effectively.

Customizing the curved arrows circular flows

Adjust size

Group the circles and arrows and rescale the group. To rescale, hold the shift key down as you resize.

Color variations

Choose colors from your PowerPoint template's color palette. The arrow/circle background object is separate from the circle that contains the text. It's best to choose two different colors or two different hues of the same color for these two objects.

3D variations

Don't use 3D with these frameworks


Drop shadows are really nice to use with these circles and curved arrows

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

A imported photographic image would be nice to import into the circles, but only if it is perfectly placed and cropped and depicts an easily recognizable theme. If you plan to use a text overlay with the circle with the imported image, then make sure the text is discernible and easily to read.


Simple reveals are best with this framework.

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