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Circular Flows 017

3D Vertical Circular Flow

This series brings movement to a circular flow. The circular flow can be "rolled out" or "moved" from one location to another – not literally, but by the appearance of rolling. Place the text over the segments or use leader lines to connect text and segment. There are 8 downloadable frameworks: 1 through 8 segments. It's a nice alternative to the more commonly seen circular flow.

Customizing the 3D vertical circular flows

Adjust size

Group the framework and then rescale it by holding the shift key down as you resize.

Color variations

Fill colors without a line color work best with these frameworks. Use one color for the "front" part of the 3D circle flow, and a darker hue of the same color for the "back" part of the flow (see the series example and how it is colored).

3D variations

Don't apply 3D to these frameworks. They're already drawn as 3D objects.


The type of shadow that works best is the one used in the series example. Don't just use a drop shadow because they don't work well with a 3D-drawn object like this.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients aren't necessary since the color choices imply shadowing.


Reveal all at once, not segment by segment as with other circular flows.

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