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Power Chart

Simple, Easy Section Break

We like section breaks in presentations. We also like section breaks that are different-looking than the rest of the presentation. We know you like slides that are simple to make, so here's a slide that will make everyone happy.

This Power Chart is so easy and very stylish. We've even added a download so you can use it immediately with some minor modifications.

  1. The download (and Power Chart example) uses shades of blue. Use as is or change the colors to shades of another color. Consider also using a different color for each section.
  2. Change the photo image (the download doesn't have an image, but does have a placeholder for one). Resize, rescale, crop an image to fit into the area reserved for an image. The Snap objects to other objects option is selected in the Grid and Guides menu so that it is easy to achieve perfect alignments.
  3. Change the text in the text field.

That's it. We hope you like this idea and can put it to use soon.