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Circular Flows 067 - 068

Circular Flow – With Outflow

This series contains segmented circular flows, and each segment has an outflow. There are certainly instances when a virtuous or vicious cycle interrupts or forks into more than one flow direction. These frameworks will provide a way to illustrate departures from the flow. The series example shows two outflows that result in a stop-sign-like object with text, but there are many ways to use the outflow arrows.

Each segment has an outflow. If you don't need an outflow for the segment, just delete it.

Customizing the circular flows with outflows

Adjust size

Group the circular flow, including the outflow; and resize or rescale the group. Ungroup and continue formatting

Color variations

Choose colors from you company template's palette. You can make the fill colors for the circular flow and outflows the same if you want, or you can choose different colors for the segments and outflows. You may want to use a different color for each segment and outflow.

3D variations

Don't use 3D with these frameworks.


Shadows are nice with these frameworks, but group the framework and then apply the shadow. If you plan to animate, then you won't be able to group; but you'll need to make sure the layering is correct so the shadows appear correctly.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients look nice with these frameworks. A subdued pattern might be nice. Pictures can be cropped and imported into the segments if you wish. Just make sure that your text overlays for each segment are readable and distinct.


Simple reveals work best with these frameworks.

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