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Power Chart

Image Reflections Formatting

It's sometimes more difficult to make a slide appealing when there is little text. Photographic images don't usually fit perfectly in the slide real estate, especially when slides' background design/branding needs to be visible. One technique that can help you fill out the slide is applying reflection formatting. Take a look at the Power Chart: without the reflection, the image would not be very usable because there would be too much white space above and/or below the image. By applying a long reflection, the image takes up the required space on the slide. Reflection lengths can be adjusted by either choosing from the presets or actually setting the length manually in the reflections options menu.

To apply and then modify a reflection:

  • Right-click on a photographic image and click on Format Picture
  • In the Format Picture menu, click on Reflection
  • In the Reflection menu, click on Presets and see if one of the presets will work for you
  • If you think you need to adjust the length of the reflection, adjust the Size by moving the slider next to size until the length of the reflection is correct.