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Forces 032

Spin Out/In with Concentric Circles

These frameworks are a nice departure from the typically seen spin-outs/-ins. The center circle with from 1 to 6 divisions is also a nice feature to expand the level of information you're conveying. Each of the spin-outs/-ins have been formatted to 50% transparency in the download and the rotated text has been added for your convenience. Please see the tutorial for more information about usage and formatting. Concepts that may be used with these frameworks are spin-outs, spin-ins, propeller force, or just interesting labels that relate to the concentric circles.

Customizing the frameworks

Adjust size

Group the framework and rescale (hold shift key down as you resize). Do not resize the frameworks, either making them taller or wider.

Color variations

You are urged to change the colors of the spin-outs/-ins and the concentric circles to match the colors in your templates palette. You can change the transparency percentages if you wish as well, making them more or less transparent.

3D variations

Don't use 3D.


Don't use 3D on the spin-outs/-ins. You can use shadows on the concentric circles if you wish.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

No gradients, patterns, or pictures on the spin-outs/-ins, but you can use them with the concentric circles if you wish.


Simple builds are best: first the concentric circles, and then the spin-outs/-ins.

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