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Power Chart

Statement Slide

This is a stunning way to present very simple ideas. The circles at the bottom of the photo images are the the message, although they seem to occupy a lesser place on the slide. The photo images actually support the text in the circles, but are the largest parts of the slide. All in all, it's a very nice technique for presenting a list of attributes, qualities, products, etc.

To create this slide, you can either draw a number of vertically oriented rectangles (draw one with the "snap to other objects" feature on and then duplicate the rectangle and place them side by side) or simply crop the photographs so that they are the same size (again, use the "snap to other objects" feature). Then it's just a matter of doing a photo search for images that can effectively compliment the word(s) in the circles.

It's a pretty chart that doesn't take a tremendous amount effort or skill.