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Working with Frameworks

What do you mean by layering or ordering objects on a page?

The example below shows objects that are layered/ordered.

layered items

Layering/ordering objects on a page is important when working with 3D or shadows (see the other examples from FAQs on Shadowing and 3D). The layering/order needs to change depending on the perspective of the 3D or where the shadows are cast. As you can see, the layering/order for the right-hand example is the reverse of the left-hand example.

To layer an object in PowerPoint you need to select your object(s), go to the Draw menu, select "Order," and select one of these options:
A. Bring to front
B. Send to back
C. Bring forward
D. Send backwards

reordering layers

In these examples the red box is either going behind or in front of the boxes that are gray. The white boxes stay in the same order.