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Master Excel with these books & videos

Bill Jelen

Bill Jelen is the host of MrExcel.com. Bill frequently travels the U.S., delivering his Power Excel seminar for accounting associations. If you have a chance to catch Bill in person, he will have you laughing through his half-day seminar with over 75 powerful tricks and techniques for Microsoft Excel. If you cannot make it to Bill’s presentation, QUE has packaged the seminar in a convenient DVD-ROM where you can watch 2-5 minute lessons on your desktop.


Charts & Graphs for Microsoft Excel 2007:

While Excel may be the most popular spreadsheet program, it is often difficult to get Excel to bring your charting ideas into reality. Bill will show you how to bring many nontypical charts into reality in Excel 2007.


LiveLessons Power Excel 2007

Quickly learn powerful Excel concepts in 2 to 5 minutes right on your desktop. This DVD-ROM and book include 85 lessons from Bill Jelen’s Power Excel seminar. Watch the video, try out the concept with the sample data set, then refer back to the booklet for complete notes on how to perform the technique. Includes 10 lessons on Excel 2007 charting.