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Concept 048


Bubbles example of possible use

Note: the downloads are a little over 1 MB, so be patient please; they will download a little more slowly than usual.

This series is interesting for a couple of reasons. The bubbles can be used for many concepts: representing something that is fragile or fleeting, encapsulating another object, floating and drifting without a set course, to represent protection or isolation, and so on. Bubbles can also be used with sound. Business presentations do not usually use sound effects, but bubbles can use with sound without making the slide trite and gimmicky. The animated example includes the sound of the bubbles bursting.


  • The website SoundSnap is a great resource for free sounds – and they have a very relaxed policy about using the sounds on their site. Check it out at http://www.soundsnap.com/browse
  • Inserting sounds into presenations is easy. Click here http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint/HA011729321033.aspx, to go the the Microsoft site for instructions on inserting sounds into PowerPoint 2003. See the tutorial for more instructions on inserting a sound. PowerPoint 2007 is easier: the insert button is right on the ribbon. See the tutorial.

The bubbles are produced so that they are versatile and rich in appearance. There are full bubbles and half bubbles. The full bubbles are used in the series example and the half bubbles are used in the COM for April 2008. The bubbles are transparent; and the front of the 3D-appearing bubble is different than the back of the bubble, making them very realistic looking.

There are no graphic file downloads. We've done all the work for you: we've sized and aligned the pieces of the bubbles in the PowerPoint download. The bubbles can be used on both light and dark backgrounds, although versions 1 an 2 work better on very light backgrounds and versions 3 and 4 work better on very dark backgrounds. Midrange backgrounds can use either – just see which you like best.

Refer to the tutorial for formatting and usage tips.


Tutorial for Lighten Load

Keywords: bubble, burst, float, fragile, encapsulate, enclose, drift, temporary, fleeting

Categories: Concepts

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