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PPT 2007 Patterns

PPT 2007 Patterns example of possible use

PowerPoint 2007 does not have the capability to use patterns. This series provides a couple of basic patterns to help you regain this capability. The series tutorial will show you how to work with this series and, more importantly, how to create your own patterns for use in PowerPoint 2007.

Sometimes you just really want to use a pattern, especially in data-driven charts. Also, the series example more vividly illustrates a concept using patterns than using semitransparent overlays. The patterns have different attributes than the pattern palette in PowerPoint 2003: they can be used as see-through overlays. Patterns in PowerPoint 2003 do not have the capability of "no fill color" for the background or foreground colors in patterns. Therefore, these have a distinct advantage. See the Feature Article for August 2008 for a complete analysis of pattern capabilities in both PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 and guidance on how to develop and use patterns in PowerPoint 2007 (also found in this series' tutorial).

One download contains vertical, horizontal, and diagonal patterns for your use and a how-to page.

Key search words: pattern; overlays, blending, merging


Tutorial for Raised/Recessed Bevels

Keywords: pattern; overlays, blending, merging

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