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Relationship 044

Radar Screen

Radar Screen example of possible use

This series actually combines elements from a couple of series on PowerFrameworks and adds an element that can be animated very easily for highlighting purposes. Overlaying the highlighting element onto a radar chart can classify and highlight concentrations. The Radar Power Chart uses this series to create the radar screen, which is another good concept.

Each download contains four variations. The segment options include pieces of the "pie", rings on a target or both, which provide a few ways to layout and value the information on the slide.

Be sure to review the tutorial for this series and download the animated example. The highlighting element needs to be animated with a spin. The tutorial will help you learn how to do this quickly and easily.


Tutorial for Revolve

Keywords: non-data-driven whole, pie segments, pieces of whole, radar, groupings, concentrations

Categories: Relationships, Segments

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